Cold Spring Kayak Club; Guidelines for Trip Participants

Following are some trip guidelines and recommendations to ensure a pleasant, rewarding and safe paddling experience. Remember, trip leaders will make the final decision about the suitability of participants´ skills, clothing and gear, and may have additional requirements based on the actual trip. All trip participants MUST read and sign the CSKC Liability Waiver.

1.  Register with the trip leader at least several days in advance, even if your plans for attending are tentative. The T/L will discuss the level of difficulty, paddling plan, what to expect, gear and clothing required, meeting place and time, travel directions, etc. Be honest about your paddling experience and ability. Make sure to exchange cell phone numbers. NEVER plan to attend a trip without advance registration. If you must cancel, notify the T/L as soon as possible.

2.  Be On Time, normally your trip leader will wait only 10 minutes. Call if there is a problem.

3.  Bring necessary equipment - make a checklist. The following is REQUIRED:

4.   The following equipment is recommended:

5.  Make sure the trip leader knows if you can´t swim or have medical problems.

6.  Cooperation is essential for shuttle, portaging, loading & unloading, etc. Volunteer to help to the best of your ability.

7.   Trip leaders may designate a "lead" and a "sweep" boat. Do not pass the lead boat or fall behind the sweep. Keep the next boat ahead or behind you in sight. Hold up if necessary, and signal that you are doing so.

8.   Blow your whistle in THREE SHORT BURSTS if you need assistance or you notice another boat needs assistance.

9.  Don´t crowd the boat ahead of you in fast water. Allow room for back-paddling or ferrying to avoid collision when boats stop or slow to scout or negotiate rapids or obstructions.

10.  Respect property owners´ rights. Don´t litter. Don´t block driveways. Ask permission to park. Use common sense and courtesy. Steer clear of fisherpersons and their lines.

11.   Practice with your boat. The better your skills are, the more fun you will have. Be comfortable getting in and out of your boat. Practice "wet exits" and self rescue. Learn skills to assist with rescue of others.