Cold Spring Kayak Club links

Trip Planning Tools and other good general info

map WWW Tide Predictor, West Point, Hudson River, New York
map WWW Tide and Current Predictor, Haverstraw (Hudson River), New York
map WWW Tide Predictor, Haverstraw, Hudson River, New York
Water temperature in Poughkeepsie
Riverkeeper water quality, Stony Point midchannel
Stevens Current/Tide Forecasts
Constitution Marsh
Hudson River Watertrail Association
Wind Against Current Kayaking stories including Manhattan Circumnavigations and information for planning a trip. Use for June 7, 2014.
NOAA Charts General NOAA Chart information.
NOAA PDF charts Excellent NOAA (US Government) site with PDF link to charts. Use to print a chart along with graphics program like GIMP. Use for June 7, 2014.